XpressBuy Launches on Four Major Commerce Platforms Including Demandware and IBM WebSphere; Brings Buy Buttons to 30 Percent of Top 500 Retailers

XpressBuy Launches on Four Major Commerce Platforms Including Demandware and IBM WebSphere; Brings Buy Buttons to 30 Percent of Top 500 Retailers

Marketers can now create distinct product experiences that increase audience engagement, spur in-context purchases and deliver six times higher conversion rates across marketing channels

Santa Clara, Calif. – Aug. 12, 2015 – XpressBuy, a Commerce platform for marketers that powers Buy Buttons and enables consumers to engage and purchase from any context, today announced integration with four of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, including Demandware, IBM WebSphere Commerce, Shopify and Magento. Through these relationships, XpressBuy is now available to an industry-leading 30 percent of Top 500 retailers.

XpressBuy setup for retailers is achieved through a simple layer of functionality on top of existing e-commerce and m-commerce engines. The platform is highly scalable and works across many different platforms including social, mobile, Web and more. The ubiquity of XpressBuy empowers marketers to create distinct product experiences that increase audience engagement across marketing channels, and allows users to purchase the products they want when they want them. This is oftentimes during short, bursty moments on mobile, satisfying user wants and needs without redirecting the user to the mobile retail website or mobile app, in turn delivering higher mobile conversion rates.

“Unlike most Buy Button technology available today, XpressBuy is the ‘Open Choice’ for marketers seeking to include a Buy Button across a wide range of platforms – including mobile ads, content sites, social media, catalogs, messaging, email and SMS. Additionally, the retailer remains the merchant of record, so there is no risk of handing over critical customer relationships to a third party,” said Murali Subbarao, XpressBuy’s CEO and founder. “By integrating with four Commerce platform leaders, XpressBuy is now accessible to more than 10,000 retailers, which is ultimately what will drive adoption industry-wide.”

All four new XpressBuy partners benefit from a decisive tool that enables their customers to bolster their e-commerce strategy via the ability to dynamically activate commerce experiences anywhere – a necessary feature in the evolving and competitive digital commerce space. Furthermore, the ability to access engagement data from all product interactions, anywhere a user views the product, is another XpressBuy strong suit.

For more information, please visit www.GetXpressBuy.com.

About XpressBuy
XpressBuy is an “in-context” Commerce platform that powers buy buttons and minimizes friction for consumers to purchase from an ad at the moment of interest – anytime, anywhere and across platforms. For retailers, XpressBuy is an easy-to-set up layer on their existing e-commerce and m-commerce engines that delivers six times the conversion rates of traditional click-through advertising. XpressBuy’s secure cloud architecture supports massive operational scale and enriches the overall value of a merchant’s e-commerce and m-commerce technology investment. In addition to these business advantages, XpressBuy captures data that reflects both purchase intent and purchase preference. Click here for more information.