XpressBuy Launches New eCommerce Initiative


XpressBuy, an eCommerce platform for marketers focused on “Buy Buttons,” said on Wednesday (Aug. 12) that it is integrating with some of the largest global eCommerce platforms.

In the press release detailing the new relationships, the company said it was linking up with four eCommerce partners, including IBM WebSphere Commerce, Shopify, Magento and Demandware. XpressBuy also said that through these partnerships the company has expanded its global reach to be available to about 30 percent of Top 500 retailers, a penetration rate it termed in the release as “industry-leading.”

Through the company’s business model, XpressBuy said its setup with retailers is designed with “a simple layer” of functionality that sits on top of firms’ existing eCommerce and m-commerce operations. The platform itself can extend across social, mobile and Web operations as the retailer looks to scale alongside business growth or new initiatives.

This setup, XpressBuy said, is ideal for satisfying customer demands across marketing channels, especially in “short, bursty moments on mobile.” In fact, the company stated, conversion rates using the platform are notably high – as much as six times higher than would be seen using other marketing and conversion efforts.

In the Wednesday statement detailing the new partnerships, Murali Subbarao, the company’s CEO and founder, stated, that “unlike most Buy Button technology available today, XpressBuy is the ‘Open Choice’ for marketers seeking to include a Buy Button across a wide range of platforms – including mobile ads, content sites, social media, catalogs, messaging, email and SMS.”

“Additionally,” the executive continued, “the retailer remains the merchant of record, so there is no risk of handing over critical customer relationships to a third party. By integrating with four Commerce platform leaders, XpressBuy is now accessible to more than 10,000 retailers, which is ultimately what will drive adoption industry-wide.”